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Drag'n'drop bug in CEF with JqueryUi sortable

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i was working on an inventory system and wanted to use drag'n'drop like RPG inventory system, it's working on firefox, but doesn't work in game
do you know how to do a drag'n'drop
or tell me if i forgot something.

i included

            <script src=""></script>
        <script src="js/main.js"></script>

and just started a sortable with


function refreshSortableInventoryList()
    connectWith: '.item-cell',
    placeholder: '.item-sortable-placeholder',
    receive: function(event, ui) {

the rest of the code won't be interesting for debug.

Edited by soxzer

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It wont work this way, something to do with direct X. You can still do it by coding the drag and drop system yourself, by catching the mouse position and moving the object accordingly 

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Do you know what i have to do with direct X and if i can or if it needed to be done by Direct X themselve.

Have u got an example for a drag'n'drop without any JS drag event ? should i just do something like

On click -> take item under mouse pos -> follow mouse pos each clock -> at click on another case -> drop current clicked item in the case

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