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Need help for creating RP server.


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Hello RageMP community,

I am trying to make roleplay server, but due the lack of skill its not succeeding very well, yeah i am noob perhaps, but i hope to learn in progress. I need your help, i need someone who willing to help me to set fully functional rp server, something similar to sunrise perhaps? I know that nobody will do it for free, but i dont have high budget. Maybe some good guy willing to help with small budget? Never know. I hope so.

Server is hosted on citadelservers.

For further questions i am more than glad to answer.



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2 hours ago, MrCarter said:

Why you don't join another server team?
Without knownledge and any budget it's hard to make a roleplay project.

I understand that. I could join another server team, but i like to give a try with my own if someone willing to help.

 Do you know what are estimate budget for the project?


Best regards

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