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World Trafic and Nps


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Hello there,

Been searching around for a new project to work on, and i came up with making a gta 5 server.
So i want to ask if rage.mp will add world traffic and nps like in GTA 5 and FiveM? 

Problem with Fivem is, well its Fivem, only 24 players ? mehh..
GTA network got 1000+ players but no world trafic or nps? So i really hope this got world traffic and nps or is going to have?!

For me personaly it just make the server feel alot more "alive".

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13 hours ago, Vladimir Ilich said:

There is the need for npcs, but not peds. (except for missions/jobs/heists)

Make your server feel alive by having 500 players online all the time.


That may be what you like ;)

I would still like to have 500 players and peds at the same time :)
So hope it will be an option you can enable or disable in the config ?

But do you know if there will be peds like in single player? if they have planned for that? 

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