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Hello dear Users,

I downloaded RageMP yesterday and joined a server. I have been running the download for 11 hours but nothing happened. After this i restared the Download. For 4 hours, bottom right was written "Package List Downloading"


I want to play Reallife, but it isnt running. Please help me!

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1 hour ago, robert florin said:

If there is at least one admin there. At least tell us that u dont know how to fix it so i dont have to try no more. Sheet u do nothing.


If it says downloading packages then it's downloading packages. Don't blame the admins of RAGE.MP. It's the server owners fault for adding 10k+ resources with GBs of data and mods while their upload speed is 100Mbps with a lot of players trying to download the files and while also the players (you) are in the other side of the world with poor internet connection to the server.

A fix for you: play on another server.

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