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How do you load an interior apartment ?

State Valentin

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The result is always this:


Why ? For example if i try to get into this interior:

Regal 1 Apartment apa_v_mp_h_07_a new Vector3(-787.029, 315.7113, 217.6385);


Where is my mistake ? 



mp.events.add('loadInterior', (x,y,z,ipl) => {
  var interior = mp.game.interior.getInteriorAtCoords(x, y, z);
  mp.game.interior.enableInteriorProp(interior, ipl);


mp.events.addCommand("gotoxyz", (player, fullText, x, y, z, ipl) => {
  player.outputChatBox("You teleported.");
  player.position = new mp.Vector3(x,y,z);
  player.call('loadInterior', [x,y,z, ipl]);
  console.log('x: ' + x + ' y: ' + y + ' z: ' + z + ' ipl: ' + ipl);


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