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A Lot of trouble with animation Loops ! :(

Tom Heisenberg

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Hi Guys 


I have some problem, all my playeranimations are be looped 😕


here some exemple: 


pfeifen: (player) =>{     
        player.playAnimation("rcmnigel1c", "hailing_whistle_waive_a", 1, 48 );

Rage Wiki
player.playAnimation(dict, name, speed, flag)


i tryed all of different numbers, and every animation is in a  loop process.

i want whistle one time and stop animation 


pfeifen: (player) =>{     
        player.playAnimation("rcmnigel1c", "hailing_whistle_waive_a", 1, 48 ); stopAnimation();


dosent work

Thanks for Help ❤️

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