Can I somehow set the rotation/turn velocity of vehicles?

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Hi there,

I cannot find any method how to set the rotation velocity of vehicles similar to:

mp.players.local.vehicle.setVelocity(vx, vy, vz);

Is there any way to do modify turn velocity like

mp.players.local.vehicle.setTurnVelocity(tvx, tvy, tvz);

this to give or remove spin velocity to vehicles?



Seems this will be my friend, but I cannot get it to work, any values I put have no effect to my vehicle...

void SET_OBJECT_PHYSICS_PARAMS(Object object, float mass, float gravityFactor,
  float dampingLinearC, float dampingLinearV, float dampingLinearV2,
  float dampingAngularC, float dampingAngularV, float dampingAngularV2,
  float margin, float default2Pi, float buoyancyFactor)
// 0xF6DF6E90DE7DF90F 0xE8D11C58

Any idea how I can invoke this native correctly?

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