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[solved] Player::canKnockOffVehicle

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So i tried to prevent the player falling off a bati...


as well as

// serverside


// serverside

Nothing helps, the player will always fall off the bike when crashing... Yes I know it is not a serverside function and it wasnt available as one. No error clientside though and the function exists there...

Also tried

// clientside"render", function() { mp.players.local.canKnockOffVehicle(false); });

The same result. It's not working to prevent the player to fall off the bike.

What am I doing wrong?


Edit: Solved."0x7A6535691B477C48", mp.players.local.handle, 0); // can fall off bike"0x7A6535691B477C48", mp.players.local.handle, 1); // can NOT fall off bike

May it help anyone who would have answered if he knew. :)

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