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How to set up local MySQL database


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 Okay guys. There is a lot of people asking that question, so im gonna to show you, how i do it on my servers

 1) Download Open Server Panel: https://ospanel.io/download/

That program use russian language, so you can translate this page via any page translator. For example, http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator

You need to download Basic version, its enough.


2) After you installed and run it, open Settings - Modules

 I use that modules:

Apache 2.4

PHP 5.5

MySQL 5.7 x64

You can change it later, it you want.


 3) Open phpMyAdmin, log in via auth data:

username: root

password: (leave empty)


4) Then you need create another database: Create Database.

That's all! In the next step you can manage your tables


5) Dont forget set up DB auth settings in your code


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Hi, how's it going?

I used to be a scripter at GTA SAMP and wrote over 60 thousand lines on a Roleplay server - but unfortunately I do not get any further with GTA V - when I start my server, I can only see a picture, I can not do anything - if I have a gamemode download I do not know how to install this

Can you help me please?
I am also looking for a scripter for a roleplay server - of course with payment
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