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Weird behaviour of game after loading DLCPACK


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I recently wanted to add mapping in my server so I took help from this tutorial and after following all the steps except in last step, I had renamed "dlcpack" folder to "dlcpacks" and putting the dlcpacks folder in my server's client_packages folder and then after going ingame, it downloads the files after loading RAGEMP but after downloading the files, it goes back into loading RAGEMP screen with the gta 5's slideshow etc (this is a example photo, just for the reference this is not the actual screenshot taken by me but this is what I mean by loading screen and Loading RAGEMP is present there instead of loading GTA V) images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRkczyYQ3VXGGya2B0x5F0

After this screen is gone and loading is done, I'm again at the starting location of RAGEMP (near some apartment or whatever it is with a bald player model) but this is where my RAGEMP starts showing weird issues. I can move, do anything I want but nothing gets sent to server or I think, my client doesn't send anything to the server. I use commands, nothing happens, nothing is triggered on server side, I use chat, nothing, no response. I die, nothing, Just nothing happens, server is not receiving anything from me, and when I press F1 and go to direct connect or server browser inside GTA 5, and try to connect to another server, nothing happens, my client doesn't connect to any server nor do anything regarding connection to any server. Removing dlcpacks from my client_packages in server and restarting gta 5, voila everything works fine. But I can't use my dlcpack? Why is this error coming? I have attached my dlcpacks folder over here just if I have done anything wrong.

The mapping I used: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/prison-interior-shaezbreizh

Tutorial I used: 

 (Only change I did in the tutorial from my side was to rename "dlcpack" folder to "dlcpacks" I suspect it was a typo in the tutorial because keeping dlcpack doesn't load it either)


My DLCPACKS folder:



BTW: I'm not the only person with this problem, I found another guy with this problem and he hasn't discovered a fix aswell except to exclude the mapping/dlcpack from his server.


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