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SpawnPoints for Vehicles


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Parking spots for vehicles in GTA5.

  • There are over 1,500 entries.
    • It's very well spread across the whole map.
    • Includes parking lots, side street parking, etc.
    • It's NOT a complete list.
    • It's NOT a perfect list!
  • No emergency, no military, and no police vehicle spawns.
  • There are a few boat spawns.
  • There are heli, and possibly plane spawns.
  • There may be entries were vehicles are parked at a gas station, at a stop light, or in the middle of the street, but these cases are rare and cleaning them up shouldn't be too painful.

Grab the json data file here:


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4 hours ago, jimstarr said:

im not getting any vehicles on my server with this. ive tryed afew things any ideas ?

I hope you didn't just drop the file into your server and that was it.

Look into how to read/load json data and once you do, it'll become clear, it gives you x,y,z coordinates so it's self-explanatory from there. Unless someone posts a script using this

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