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С# or JS?


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Hello. For development i can use both C # and JS correctly? Are they equal or does one of the languages have advantages? Which language is best to learn and why? Thanks


My experience:
1) Pawn (excellent knowledge)
2) C # (basic)
3) VB.Net (basic)

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I appreciate your sense of humor. But i do not fully understand what the problem is that i used to work in SAMP and therefore i know Pawn lmao? In big projects i had easily more than making sites working officially in the studio ;d. Better give good advice about choosing a programming language (C# / JS). Don't waste time on bullshit

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Okay. are both languages equal? I mean that much can be done in almost any language but often this is not advisable. There are always leaders of languages using which you will get a cool result and at the same time spending less time. In this case what? No matter what language to write the server in Rage? Or?

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Both languages are great in performance in RAGE:MP and they're getting better with their response time by every RAGE:MP update. By your knowledge/experience in any of the languages, you can reach the best performance with it. It's depends mostly on how you code/organize your game-mode. So just go with the one that you feel adapting the most. I would recommend Javascript because it's a simple syntax language and easy to understand/adapt fast. If you're into OOP and like Javascript syntax, you can go with Typescript. But since also you have some basic knowledge with C#, you can give it a kick-off. its not end  of the world if you choose one and didnt like it. You always have the opportunity to switch and compare between them. It's all about you at last.

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