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Variable not changing due to spam ?

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I'm having a chat cef interface.

When a player starts spamming in the chat (Press T > Types something > Press Enter) 


Sometimes this bug happens:'disableChatInput', () => {, false);

interfaceOpened = false; // => interfaceOpened is never set to false. keeps being true. Why ? 


Vue.js code:

    sendMessage: function() {

      let value = $("#text").val().trim();

      if (value.length > 0) {

        if (value[0] == "/") {

          value = value.substr(1);

          mp.invoke("command", value);


        else {

          mp.invoke("chatMessage", value);


        this.oldMessage = $("#text").val();







Any idea what to do ? 


Client event:'disableChatInput', () => {, false);

interfaceOpened = false;



I can't let this bug unfixed. The player remains with the cursor on the screen and interface opened = true. I'm thinking maybe the event is not reaching at all ? 

I've tested this theory.  Had a small notify with numbers to let me know if the number on the chat is the same as the notify send from the client event.

The result: The event is called. So i'm thinking maybe you can't spam the cursor show function ? 

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