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Beeker's Foreign and Domestic Tuning - WIP


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This is my Beeker's/LS Customs mod for GTA. This is a work in progress. I intend to make this a humble little car parts trading mod.

I'm happy to share this development with the community, especially the add-on car .rpf's. I'll keep the list growing as I add to my collection.



Until I get the frameworks complete, use the commands:

## Mod the vehicle you are currently in.
## X = mod index, Y = mod
/mod X Y

## Change the color of your car
## X = primary color, Y = secondary color
/color X Y

## Chang your license plate
## X = alphanumeric string to display on license plate
/licenseplate X

Vehicle Colors

Vehicle Mods

Open Source RP Compatible

The project is compatible with Open Source Role Play with some additions to the cMisc.js file.

Special Eclipse Public License

This mod is free to use with special provisions. Please familiarize yourself with the LICENSE as it is essential to understanding how this mod may be used.



To install on your copy of Open Source RP just drop the files into their respective folders:

  • Place the contents of dlcpacks into your client_packages/dlcpacks/
  • Place packages/Auto-Shop into your packages/
  • Place app/client/Business/cAutoShop.js into your app/client/Business/
  • Place app/client/Browsers/Business/AutoShop into your app/client/Browsers/Business/
  • Add the following to app/client/index.js
  • require('./Business/cAutoShop');


  • Add this smarter camera function to app/client/cMisc.js
    function createPointedCam(x, y, z, rx, ry, rz, viewangle, px, py, pz) {
    	camera = mp.cameras.new("Cam", {x, y, z}, {x: rx, y: ry, z: rz}, viewangle);
    	camera.pointAtCoord(px, py, pz)
    	mp.game.cam.renderScriptCams(true, true, 20000000000000000000000000, false, false);
    exports.createPointedCam = createPointedCam;


Add-on Car List


## Ford Mustang Boss 429

/v boss429

## Ferrari F40

/v f40

## 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS

/v impalass

## BMW M3 F80

/v m3f80

## RX-7 C-West

/v rx7cwest

## Mercedes-Benz W222 S500

/v w222s500

Garage Bay Framework

The shop menu is accessed from the manager's desk. The available menu depends on which garage bay is occupied by a car. At it's current state, if both bays are occupied the available menu will represent the last bay to become occupied. In the future, an option for both bays will be accessible from the manager's desk.

Mods as Items Framework

This garage mod focuses on addon vehicles that have unique "vehiclemods" .rpf packs. The vehicle mods applied are custom made to their real life counterpart. Each individual mod is it's own object within an array that represents the vehicle. This data is currently stored in the vue.js data object. It will need to be refactored into Vue components as the intended library of cars gets added.

m3f80: [
    local: "spoiler",
    index: 0,
    mod: 2,
    item: "GT Universal Racing Spoiler"
    local: "spoiler",
    index: 0,
    mod: 1,
    item: "VIE Rear Lip Spoiler"

The model of your vehicle is identified by the server when entering the designated garage bay. The model ID transfers into the vue.js data object. While we have your model ID we can tell you if there are mods available for that model of car.

<div v-if="model === 3714356651">
  <div v-for="product in m3f80" class="applyMod">
    <div>{{ product.local }}</div>
    <div>{{ product.index }}</div>
    <div>{{ product.mod }}</div>
    <div>{{ product.item }}</div>

The BMW has 19 different mods available


The Impala shows 29 items available here but I didn't even scratch the surface on it. This thing has 16 different steering wheels not in the array yet.


TODO: Make the UI pretty and function as a shopping cart... then work on the paint bay.


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