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21 hours ago, Fact said:

I have seen this function, but how can I then get the image?

it says at the top of that page...


Takes screenshot of game screen and puts at /screenshots/ip_port folder. Accessible in CEF via screenshots:// scheme.

The image can be found there

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No the function works. I´m using it.


mp.keys.bind(0x77, true, function () {  //F8-Key
    var date = new Date();
    var name = "sanstreetlife-" + date.getDate() + "." + date.getMonth() + "." + date.getFullYear() + "-" + date.getHours() + "." + date.getMinutes() + "." + date.getSeconds() + ".png";
    mp.gui.takeScreenshot(name, 1, 100, 0);


It saves it in "RAGEMP/screenshots/ip-of-server"

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