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event problem


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Hi everyone
I have a problem with my own created event
if i let the server send a number everything works fine but if it is a string it will not work properly hope someone can help with that


        public void OnPlayerLoginAttempt(Client player, string username)

            Client gesuchterspieler = NAPI.Player.GetPlayerFromName(username);
            if (gesuchterspieler != null)
                String SNAME = gesuchterspieler.SocialClubName;


mp.events.add('LoginResult', (name) => {
mp.gui.chat.push("Server hat den namen: "+name+" zurück geschickt");
speedo.execute(`update(${test});`); //  <-- only work with numbers


function update(name)
	function sendinfotoserver(name)
		document.getElementById("spielername").innerHTML = "name: "+name;



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