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need several plugins


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script: warning, System.Data.dll is not found!
script: warning, System.Text.RegularExpressions.dll is not found!
script: warning, MySql.Data.dll is not found!
script: warning, MySql.Data.MySqlClient.dll is not found

Hey. I'm new here. Where can I find these? Thanks a lot.

Edit: I found System.Text.RegularExpressions.dll at dllme, and System.Data and MySql.Data.dll from the WiredGamers repository. I can't find MySql.Data.MySqlClient.dll 😕

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10 hours ago, BeckzyBoi said:

Vector, SetEntitySharedData, GetEntitySharedData, getMoney, Pos, heading, dimension, health, armor, ip, etc aren't being recongized. Could it be that my assemblies don't match the server version? Or.. what could it be?

Are you referencing the Bootstraper.dll to use the GTANetworkAPI? Don't use the NuGet package for GTANetworkAPI as the devs are not keeping it up to date and is deprecated.

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