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Hello guys I’m writing to you because I want to help my community but I don’t no anything about developing. I want to learn the essential to be able to activate already existing houses, buildings and apartments interiors( in gta online obviously ) , create points to teleport into it and that’s all but I really don’t know anything about scripting but I heared that devoloping interiors was not very complicated. 

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You want to help the community but you don't have what it needs to (not for scripting at least). Please don't help the community with badly written code, that's not helping. If you want to help go and take some programming courses online at least first, get the basics, understand how a programming language works, the difference between OOP and procedural programming, what an API is, how to debug your code etc. 

You could just start with some concept courses(explaining what programming is on the big picture) then you could start with a specific language course (either JS or C# if you gonna make rage scripts).

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