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I'm streaming RAGE:MP gamemode development (Typescript & React)


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Hello everyone,

I'm Yiin, and for the past month, I have been streaming RPG gamemode development almost every day. Whether you want to learn something new, talk about GTA, suggest some ideas or just chill and listen to some music, feel free to accompany me on my journey, to create the next most amazing server & community that has ever existed!

The project is still in it's early stages (it doesn't even have a name yet!) since I only recently discovered RAGE:MP.

Here are some details about the project itself:

Both client and server side are being written in TypeScript, while CEF code uses React.js w/ JavaScript.
The gameplay ideas are influenced a lot by GTA Roleplay modes and MMORPG games such as RuneScape, but will be also influenced by your future suggestions.

  • There will be jobs, businesses, gangs & economy.
  • RP will not be enforced.
  • There will be xp and levels.
  • Materials will be fetched from activities like woodcutting, mining, fishing, cooking.
  • I will be developing some not-so-realistic features such as clothing items with stats & buffs, passive/active effects for weapons, etc.
  • I'd like to implement quite a sophisticated questing and events system with NPC's, drops, storylines.

  Currently (at the time of writting) I am finishing character creation and moving on to character selection implementation.

I'm keen to hear all of your ideas and feedback, and I'll see you on stream!


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