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Poor sync of player interactions


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Hi there,

I just booted up a server in RAGE MP to see how syncing and the general use was compared to other clients. Without doing anything particular to improve it out of the box my experience was that hitting another player, running into them or similar seemed very out of sync with what the other player experienced. Hit registration was 50/50 without them doing much movement.

If this is the current state of development, no worries, I just wanted to know what to expect and if I do something wrong. The server was hosted on a cheap Ubuntu VPS but performance use was about 5% and no spikes in the 100mbit network either, so I think I've ruled out server specs to be the issue. I tried default sync-rate and sync-rate on 100

On another note, I'm used to develop in a game with strong client/server separation where nothing like spawning a vehicle without the server knowing or teleporting somewhere is a thing. How's the state of that here? I know it's very client controlled, at least in GTA Online and FiveM, but how much separation are made here?

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You didn't do anything wrong, combat sync is still not so good as it should be, but as far as I see in #announcements channel in discord they are working to improve it, hopefully it'll be a way better in the next releases.

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