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Need Help with a Crash. GTA V


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Hello, Im having an issue with RageMP I think. I launch a server and my screen goes black and then crashes (any server). It only crashes when i use the RageMP launcher thing. When i launch the game normally it works fine and i can play online. Anyone know about that?

Now it worked once and i changed my graphics settings around to what they should be (the resolution was wrong min settings etc.) And now it keeps crashing

Like i say it works fine without the client and i tried the FiveM client and that works fine too. 
Clean install of rageMP and GTA V now and it doesn't work. I tried verifying the cache on steam and didn't fix it. (yes its the steam version if that matters)

Windows 10.

CPU: Ryzen 7 1700


Ram: 16gb Corsair 3k

Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD (os and game are on this drive)


Thank you

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