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I tried the PlayerDamage event on server and client side which only outputs a text to the chat for testing at first.
But on both variants the events didnt got triggered. Why?

mp.events.add("playerDamage", (player, healthLoss, armorLoss) => {
    mp.gui.chat.push("You lost: " + healthLoss);



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Render and save health in variables.


For example in JS:

var lastHealth = 0;
const localPlayer = mp.players.local;

mp.events.add('render',  function() {
    var healthLoss = 0;
    if(lastHealth != localPlayer.getHealth()) {
        healthLoss = lastHealth - localPlayer.getHealth();
        lastHealth = localPlayer.getHealth();
    if(healthLoss > 0) {
        // your code


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