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I get this error message when I try to start my server


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when I'm trying to start my server, this error message appears. I'm doing this under Debian 9.

Error message:

[N] Starting network...Unknown bind__() error -1.
 - FAILED: Network failed to start.  Terminating..

This is my config file:

    "maxplayers" : 100,
    "name" : "Test GTA Roleplay Server", 
    "gamemode" : "freeroam", 
    "stream-distance" : 750.0,
        "sync-rate" : 85,
    "announce" : true,
        "encryption" : true,
    "port": 22005,
        "language" : "de",
        "voice-chat" : true,
        "voice-chat-sample-rate" : 48000

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vor 10 Minuten schrieb Xabi:

Make sure you're not running the server.exe twice, that problem comes when the port is being used.

Thanks for the answer. of course i only have one process open... even if i deactivate my firewall, still got the same error


Edit: Got a Program which is checking what ports are opened.. 22005 is not in the list

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