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Running browser code from external


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Thank you for looking at this, I am pretty new to this, but an advanced programmer.

I have code that creates a browser, and using a js that is linked inside of it, I can hit keys to make the browser visible.

The problem is I would like to activate the browser using a command, and seemingly no matter what I do I cant seem to call an event inside the JS that is able to activate it, nor can I figure out how to activate it externally.

This is the code that activates the browser inside my javascript that is referenced in the browser's index.html

// Show menu.
if ($('#wrapper').css('display') === 'none')
  mp.invoke('focus', true);
  $('.draggable_window').each((index, item) => {
  if ($(item).data('active') === 'true')


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I'm not sure if this will help but just add a command using mp.events in your server side then use player.call to trigger an event on your client then just listen for the event on your client and when it got triggered just create a new browser. 

Rmember to add functions that use mp.trigger into a seperated file than their listeners. I might be wrong but i had problems when did this

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