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Connected Eclipse Once. DC during initial DL. Crash on startup now.


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I followed the instructions to connect to the Eclipse RP Servers and had downloaded RAGE Multiplayer and connected to the IP provided in discord. I seemed to join in fine and I was just the default character while the game began to download what looked like the server files. Around 300 of them.


At around the 200 mark the download just stopped and vanished from the bottom right hand corner but I remained ingame. I figured I would rejoin the server. I closed the game, reloaded RAGE and direct joined again but now each time the game just crashes as soon as the game window launches 😕 Did something go wrong with only downloading some of the files?


I have reinstalled RAGE, made sure running as admin, made sure firewall and AV are okay. It logged in the first time fine, seems like something became corrupted?

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