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Gods, help pls, low fps


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Hello, im russland(Russian)
Therefore, Google translator will speak and my low skill english
20 fps in servers versus 90 fps single/vanila sigleplayer
I am not alone, I noticed similar topics on the Russian topic
Its not problem PC or OC. it's very difficult to understand what's the matter, so immediately discard the obvious.
Only the developers themselves or those who have encountered and cured it can understand this.
I know that most people are fine, but there are people like me. It seems that all packages with C ++ stand, directX are also new drivers. But, as I said, there is something unobvious.
I can not explain my guesses because of the language barrier, but in brief. As if the game in the game ON (not 2 GTA processes)

https://imgur.com/a/L6m0mcv - before calling
https://imgur.com/a/cjfXM5n - when entering and in the game (take the word in the game is the same)
And lo and behold, press f1 or Esc https://imgur.com/a/I59AVXB, would pause - it is clear. But here all the movements / textures are in place, why then?
Moreover, in f1 mode, so to speak, by pressing it, you can walk like all the rules, as it were.

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My problem was solved by installing a new Windows
I know that there are still people with such a problem.
Put new win 10.

Admins, pls, dont ignor this information.

Specify for people with a similar problem that installing a new windows can help.
It is even better that you explain why such nonsense is happening, but this is no longer critical.

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