Client crashed on start.

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TheOman    0


I hope there is no issue if i make a new topic about this. 

I just got the GTA V updated, client version i think was v1.39

I downloaded RageMP and hotfix 3, but the game crashed on start. 

I just found out about RageMP and didnt know about the version, before i visited the website today. 

How can i downgrade, or get a download that link that has the v1.36? 

Someone that has a fix for this? 

Many thanks. 



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Mcfloy    9

0.1 Version only supports 1.36/1.37

0.2 Version supports every version (even 1.39), but you'll have to wait its release.

Link removed, ask in the discord to have it ;)

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Remove link to avoid troubles
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Captien    34

Then you choose the wrong 0.1. You have to choose the Social Club version if you are social Club. Also the Hotfixes maybe one of them you chose wrong. Try to be more accurate while choosing


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TheOman    0

I've done everything correct. 

Just did it again with: 

Started Rage and selected a server, then it started Steam and directed me to the buy page for GTA V.


I used the link he provided, took backup and replaces the files inside the GTA V Folder. 

When i start the launcher it's saying: Launcher error. Code. 115 The game was not launched via the Steam Client. 

I have not chosen the wrong version Captien, the files inside that link is for Steam version and not Social Club. (Downgrade link)

If someone has for Social Club please say so. ^_^

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