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Disable the "interest zoom camera" ?


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vor 1 Stunde schrieb introzen:

Please elaborate on the description. I have no clue what "Interest zoom camera" means.

You could try checking the Camera methods in the RAGE API. There is more in there than you might think.

Hey. Thanks for your response.
I mean the Camera which activates, if you stay afk a bit. The camera automatically follows other players in First Persion view.

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Hey sorry that i activate this old thread again but i have the same problem.

when i create a cef window as a purchase menu with some clothes or tattoos, after about 5 seconds the camera changes to first person and looks around so ican't see the character.

Is there any method to avoid this looking arround?

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Am 15.4.2020 um 14:45 schrieb Ahmed:

I don't think there's a clientside function for it but you'd want to invoke both of this natives every few seconds. Doesn't have to be in render.



when i open the links it shows all the natives not just the one that i clicked on and i also can't find the natives that you mean by the search function

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