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Looking for someone to join on a gamemode creation


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I am looking for someone(s) who would like to work on a project / gamemode for fun (so not paid).

I am a beginner in programming, having used C# for around a month so I am nothing special when it comes to my experience and skill in coding. I would prefer someone with similar experience and skill level in programming so each others code wouldn't be looked down upon as bad form, one of my goal is learning programming with this project after all. You would work on the project whenever you want of course and as long as you have fun, nothing strict. (unless eventually it might become one? Who knows).

I would wish you are good at writing and speaking english so there are no language barriers. Also being 18 or over would be expected. Being from EU would be beneficial so there wouldnt be big time difference.

I have the basics of my gamemode somewhat done, so if you are interested I could show you what I have done so far and see if you share the same mindset for the project. Gamemode is old school SAMP / MTA Cops & Robbers & Civilians type of freeroam world where each player can spawn as different classes that have different objectives / features they can utilize to become more wealthy and interact with the city and other players.

You can DM me on Discord, Ursidae#1337 for more info about it or me. 😊

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