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Execute Game Varible in HTML Browser


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Hi, I build aATM Broser and will execute a Variable from .js-File to the ATM Browser (Pocket Money and Bank Money), but it doesn't work :(





function openCef(url) {
    if (cef) cef.destroy();
    cef = mp.browsers.new(url);
    cef.execute(`money_bank=200; money_pocket=400;`);
exports.openCef = openCef;






<td class="infobox_table"><center>Bank<br><script type="text/javascript">document.write(" " + money_bank + " $");</script></td>



I test this and works, but no with the variables:

cef.execute(`alert(\`It's a test.\`);`)


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Mhh ok, I set:



        let money_pocket = `money_pocket = 1200;`;
        let money_bank = `money_bank = 1200;`;
        openCef("bank/index.html",  money_pocket, money_bank);

I'm a beginner.I need  asimple injection of the current Money Bank and Money Pocket for the Websiten and auto-update this money, when  the money chaneged background and ARTM Browser is open (Daily payment or Player Transfer)

Look at this, this is the HTML Page http://prntscr.com/nf5fpc




This inner example is a button event

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Unfortunately there aren't any simple way to make things. You need to code all by yourself or you can use scripts already done.
You can use JS + Vue, you can use js + react, you can use c# ... There are a lot you can do to make the systems you want.

One very nice script is the menu builder:

It's client side, but you can use Events::callRemote to call a server-side event from a client-side script: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Events::callRemote


There are one starter project with Vue (by MarkCavalli: https://rage.mp/profile/19144-markcavalli/)

I found today a nice guide:


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