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[HELP] Accent + Enter Vehicle


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1)I noticed that i can't receive accents in-game. (I got a square instead of the accent and letter -.-)
Not sure if its a client issue, sorry if its the wrong section.

Could anyone tell me how fix it, please?

I think that could be the encoding type of server/client files, but i need to convert all files to UTF-8? Don't have a better/faster way to fix them? The way i knew to convert is open the file on notepad++ and convert, but i need to do for each file...

2) I press F to enter any vehicle and my char, for unknown reasons is always or most of the time enter as a passenger. I really have to be too much close to drive seat and that have times him still enter as passenger... Any any way to FORCE character always enter DRIVER's seat after press F key?

Thank you, have a nice day!

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