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Javascript or C# to start a server and why?


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I'm thinking which language should I use to make a server. Which is more supported for RageMP? Which would u recommend to start and why? 

I have learned both so the knowledge wouldn't be a problem.

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I would suggest using JS especially if you are new to programming. JS is much more forgiving in many aspects therefore makes it easier. Also it will make you write same language on both front-end and back-end.


Some people say that C# is faster than JS which is totally correct, however I guarantee that in this scenario (GTA Server) there will be absolutely no difference in speed between these languages because the language itself will not be the bottleneck here.

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It depends totally on you. I've started using C# because I think is more easy and confortable with VS IDE.

I recommend you to check a few scripts from Resources (using c# or js) and have a look on them to see with code is more understandable for you.

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