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Hi there

I\m new here sorry if my question is not so good but

can some one help to find info on how u can set houses on server that people can buy tham i'm learning  Programming  (atleast i try)

and i can't find how u can make houses and hospital that u can enter the building 

Thanks for any info on that!!!

Sorry for my bad English!

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9 часов назад, joew сказал:

You can search for one house system, i don't knew if there're some of them for free.

If you want to create by your own you have to use IPL. You can check this post to have a idea on how uses and creates the IPLs:

And you can use the wiki to get the IPL's list: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Interiors_and_Locations


Thanks ))) wanna learn my self so it's nice help

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