how to spawn vehicles?? or use a trainer

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i cant spawn vehicles using f1 or "t" 

how can i install a trainer to to spawn vehicles in  rage multiplayer

please reply if anyone knows



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Hi, santosh.

You can send to the server a command `/spawncar` (for example) from your client side (you need to change a web part on the client side using this hack) when a user click to this buttons. And on the server you need to handle the command and spawn vehicles for users.

An example for handling clicks to `f1` and `t` buttons on the client in the web part:

  document.addEventListener('keydown', keyDownHandler, false);

  function keyDownHandler(e) {
    if(e.key === 'F1' || e.key === 't') {

Or you can use jquery for the handler. And you need to change/remove a bind to `t` button from the basic client side web part (`event.which == 84`).

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