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Hello, i am coding the EMS System for a RP server, and now i need to create a client-side BLIP and create a route on the map.

i can create the correct blip that i wanyt but cant create the GPS route, because it gives me this error:


And this is my code:

var blips = {};

const BlipIcon = 1; 
const BlipColor = 1;'marcarGPS', (player, posicion) =>

	blips[] =, posicion);
	blips[].name =;
	blips[].dimension = player.dimension;
	blips[].colour = BlipColor;
	blips[].routeFor(player, 2, 1);


Thnx for the help!

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5 minutes ago, MrPancakers said:

routeFor is a serverside function and not a clientside one

Is there any clientside function? 

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