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Fix downloading file.rpf of dlcpacks - client side


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Hey guys.


I have a question about .rpf file. I downloaded the vice city map for server and put in on dlcpacks folder. All works good and loaded textures on pc local server, but when I start server on vps and connect to the game. I have a moment with downloading files, but vice city textures are not loaded. Only when I manually copy vice city files (since 245MB) to the X:\RAGE MP\client_resources\[IP Server] and restart the game, textures are loaded. So I ask you for help or tips how to fix this. Maybe some function which will check the files before some player connect to game and force downloading them or this files it's too heavy and I need to compress them?


Edit. I cut this dlpack on parts, but when I join first, I downloaded the files, but I landing in water, after power off the game and power on, textures are loaded. Any tip?

Best Regards

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