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Help with NativeUI, please


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I'm creating an resource with NativeUI and I've some troubles. I can't find on the documentation so i really appreciate any help.

I created one menu with UIMenuListItem and i used the exemple on documentation: ui.ItemSelect.on(item => { }

The question are:

1) item.SelectedItem.DisplayText get the item's display text. But how could i get the item's caption, please?

ui.AddItem(new UIMenuListItem(
        "Select one color",        
        new ItemsCollection(["Blue", "Red", "Green"])

I want get the value: "Color" instead of "Blue". "Red" or "Green".
SOLVED: item.Text

2) The event: ui.ItemSelect.on(item => { } triggers after i press RETURN key. How could i trigger the event after i changed the item's value, without the need to press Return, please?

Thank you very much, have a nice day! 

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