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FATAL ERROR: .NET Host did not initialize correctly!


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Hey Guys. I get an Error when i start Rage MP and want to connect to the Server. I need to put a .txt File into my RAGEMP folder for the modded cars. The File has the name " enable-clientside-cs " . I dont found an topic here so when i am wrong you can link me to the correcly topic. This is a Screenshot of my Error.




I hope somebody can help me.

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As the error says, reinstall rage mp. Disable firewall and antivirus before reinstall rage mp.

About enable cs, after installed rage mp again, right click Rage mp shortcut (it may be at your desktop) and select open file location. On that folder, root folder of rage mp, create a blank txt file with the name: enable-clientside-cs.txt
Just create the file with this exactly name.

Now open rage mp and try connect to one server.
Most of the RP servers needs you be approved on whitelist before joinned the server, so before try join one server, search for their website or discord and ask for instructions there. This site is about Rage Mp client and server, nothing support about specifics private servers.

Don't forgot to check oficials rage how to install guide:



You will need:
- Original copy of GTA V game. Pirate copies aren't supported on Rage.
- VS C++ 2015
- .NET Framework 4.6.2

All this info is on wiki that i linked you.

Good luck!

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Wow it's pretty crazy this is still an issue? 


Steps Taken:

-Reinstalled RAGE

-Ensured c++ 2015 update 3 is intalled

-Ensured Firewall is disabled.

-Ensured Windows Updates are up-to-date

-Ensured Legal copy of GTA (Steam)

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