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Hello first.

I want to create a server. What language do I need to do server encoding? I searched the internet, but I didn't see any useful things, so I signed up here. When I looked at the wiki page, I saw both C# and Java. Is this done using two languages? Or do we choose one between the two? I want the server infrastructure to be RPG. According to him I want to add and adjust systems to the server. I tried to explain everything in an open language. 


Sample: Add the /me command.

Sample: Add the /do command.


I want to settle these. In short, I want to make a mode like LSRP. (SAMP) 


1- In what language should I do the coding?

2- Which language is easier?


Thanks in advance.

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Rage supports C# and Javascript.
All content you can find here on Rage`s website. You can search at Forums and ask for help on appropriated section. You can use the wiki to figure out all functions and commands you can use. You can check the Resources to get full done system and uses then as base for your`s new systems. Just check the top menu.

Coca Cola or Pepsi?  Your second question is a bit trouble. It don`t makes any sense. There isn`t easier language. It will depends on your knowledge of the language. You can do all things with both languages.

You want a RPG server, so i recommend you start with a project shared here with basics system already done. You can use them as base for your server.
For javascript, i recommend this resource: 

It's a very nice job!

Any help will need you can create on forum a topic, i'm sure someone will helps you.
So good luck!

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