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Hello guys,Iv'e got an issue when I'm playing in a server and when I'm driving a car sometimes it delays the voip,chat and commands. Usually I have to stop for couple minutes,then everything appers like chat messages and etc. Some people says that this issue is because of 100% processor usage and if it's true how could I fix it? thanks.

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6 hours ago, robearded said:

If you're saying your cpu is at 100% all the time, turn vsync on, that will limit the fps to 60 and it won't let the game go to as much fps as it can til the cpu becomes a bottleneck.

What cpu are you using?

i5 4590

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There are way too many probable causes to guess them right now. I need to see some screens of your Task Manager Performance Tab (both CPU and Memory) while running RAGEMP as well as pics from the Resource Monitor. If you don't feel comfortable posting here you can send me a PM.

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