Replacing textures dynamically

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I'm trying to replace the texture of the decals (created using addDecal), for example: blood, mud, dirt decals. and replace these with custom images i have in a .ytd in a dlc file. i can draw the images to screen. but not on decals.
I'am creating the decals, but when i change decal texture, it disappears. So it makes me think if changing textures in rage requires restarting the game? if that's the case, is there any other ways of achieving this ?

my code:

if (!"myCustomDecals"))"myCustomDecals", true)

function addDecal (pos, decalType,  width = 1, height = 1, R = 1,G = 1,B = 1,A = 1, timeout = 50) {
  return, pos.x, pos.y, pos.z, 0,0,-1, 0,1,0, width, height, R,G,B,A, timeout, false, false, false)
// pos = Vector in front of the player
let decal = addDecal(pos, 1010, 100, 100, 0.1,0.1,0.1,1)
// CHANGE_DECAL_TEXTURE native'0x8A35C742130C6080', 1010, 'myCustomDecals', 'decal1')'Decal Added: '+ decal)'is decal alive: ''0xC694D74949CAFD0C', decal))

// marker for reference
marker =, pos, 0.15, {
  direction: new mp.Vector3(),
  rotation: new mp.Vector3(),
  color: [255,255,255,255],
  visible: true,
  dimension: player.dimension


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