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Security needed.


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Hi there guys, my name is Nathan, I am actually running a SAMP and RAGE community, we are a hispanic community, we've been having issues with our security, there is one guy who tries to turn down every single community who opens trying to make something. This guy actually spends tons of money sending DDoS attacks to our community, our community reached 100 users on just a few minutes, maybe its not that much when you look at some russians servers but its a lot when you talking about an hispanic community, this guy didnt even let the server run for one hour and he turned down sending attacks just like that. Some friends of this guy spoke with us and they told us this guy used 3 OVH servers with something like 200GB to put our server down. We just want to know if we can start working together and bring to us the security we need, we need security much as your guys can deliver, if there is anybody interested, please contact with me.Thank you. Nathan

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What about you first Null-Route IPs from countries not speaking hispanic languages? Then, most of the DDoS traffic should be filtered.

Second, I would say that something like DoS/DDoS attacks from big server hosters are unlikely, because the hoster itself would then provide tools for criminal acitivities as it is a crime in most countries to attack other machines.

Even though, you should be able to get the IP of the attacking server or computer. If an IP is registered (simple IP lookup) by OVH or any other (bigger) hoster, you should write them an E-Mail or get in contact with the hosting support. Once you have done that, they will as fast as they can investigate the case, as it (in many cases) represent a crime.

Btw. you have posted your thread in the German forum section.

2. Btw. you should calm down while a DDoS attack is active. You will likely not be able to do anything with your attacked servers.

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