C# or Js

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I have made a sever with both languages but which language is better/ easier/ more in game things.

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You can do an awesome server with both languages, my advice is to choose the one you're more familiarity. In the end, both are nice languages and have nice support of the community, it's all about your taste :)

I personally prefer Javascript (Typescript) cause it's my favourite language nowadays.

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I prefer C# :
- absolutely love the language
- absolutely llove Visual Studio
- absolutely llove all the new improvements the updates of .NET Core give
- love the community, the packages etc.
Had learned some languages before but after I learned to use C# I never wanted to go back to another language.

TypeScript isn't bad either for me but I personally hate to work with JavaScript.
I just need the static types, the structures, LINQ, Entity Framework, consistency, a great editor like Visual Studio etc.
But at the end it depends on the person.

You "can" use both languages - it's not complicated if you don't need communication between both.

Here some cool weird things about JavaScript:

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I love C# it's a good OPP language. After I learned how to use it, I never wanted to use another language. I'm web developer and I need to use JS but If I could choose, I always preferred C#. The language isn't much complicated and u have thousands possibilities. The community is great(not only rage) and u have very much example codes or APIs. The frameworks getting updated constantly. 

I use C# as example to create Non CEF GUIs or else. 


Best regards

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