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JSON string vs multiple rows in MYSQL

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I am working on a phone system.

I've decided to save phone contacts as JSON string in the phone table, cuz its no heavy overload.

When it comes to messages between players, I am not quite sure if I should store huge JSON strings.

What would you do? Something like JSON:

messages: [
	sender: 01234567
    messages: [
    	timestamp: x,
        message: 'xyzxyzxyzxyz'
     	timestamp: x2,
        message: 'xyz2xyz2xyz2',
     }, .....]
	sender: 76543210,
    messages: ....

or would you store multiple rows in database like:


- ID (PK, AI): int
- sender_phone (FK): int
- receiver_phone (FK): int
- timestamp: DateTime
- message: string


With multiple rows its quite easier to maintain when it comes to filter and max limit while a JSON always needs to be deserialized, serialized, ...


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Why you would store JSON Strings to a database when MySQL is made for massive data flows? Even it it makes no difference for you, because your database will never be that huge like a big online portal.. But tell me why you would store them in plain?


Just create different tables at mysql.. eg. "phone_messages", "phone_whatever".. and use your queries or orm's to receive them. After this you create a JSON string at the server side and send it over to the client.


And if you open your messages.. make sure you load up just 5 and if you scroll up or down in your phone.. you load up the next ones.

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