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I need someone to help me set up a server.


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I'm new to hosting server but hosting a GTA server is turning out to be a whole new thing.
 I can't figure out how to add things to my server I see people saying how to but they use terms I know nothing about, I'm trying to start an English roleplay server because the servers I've played on arent so good or they are good and have bad staff.
I hope to get some help and get this server up and running and have a good player base. there's not much else to say other then I 100% want to make this a reality so let me know what it will take or if your willing to help out let me know and let work something out


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The first requeriment you need to set up a server is knowledge about one programming language. RageMP uses C# and JavaScript. You can use one of them or both of them. It's your choice.
The second requirement is knowledge about IT: server management, network, operating systems, hardwares... RageMP can run both on Windows or Linux.

After have the 2 requirements, one for knew how program your server and the other to knew what you need to host your server, you need 2 things:
1) One computer and internet link to host your server
2) Your RageMP server configured.

There're a lot of dedicated server's hosting, so you can choose one that do your needs.

About server configs you can check the RageMP Wiki: https://wiki.rage.mp
You can check the resources area too, to get complete systems.

The last thing you need knew is that NO ONE WILL MAKING NOTHING FOR YOU. They can HELP YOU, but don't believe someone will make FOR you.

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