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can't read VehicleData.json


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Hello ,i have a problem 

my VehicleData.json can't load , but i don't know why ?

I've put this file in Database/VehicleData.json

  class Vehicles : Script{

        public static List<VehicleData> vehicleDataList = new List<VehicleData>();

        public void LoadVehicleData() {

            if (!File.Exists(@"./Database/VehicleData.json")) {
                NAPI.Util.ConsoleOutput("[JSON] VehicleData konnte nicht geladen werden!");
            string[] result = File.ReadAllLines(@"./Database/VehicleData.json");
            for(int i = 0; i < result.Length; i++) {
                VehicleData vehicleData = NAPI.Util.FromJson<VehicleData>(result[i]);

I put my Database folder into resources/myProject/Database/VehicleData.json

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