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NodeJS error handling


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It seems that actually every errors like undefined variables are not throwing any errors and simply avoid the next code execution,
After finishing a big module it's very annoying to debug line by line with console.logs when you can have a working debugger.. ahah
I'm not able to catch any errors using the process error EventEmitter,
Do someone have a solution to enable error throwing / debugging ?

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Try to use assert in your code.
For example:

let tmp = 1;
let untmp;
console.assert(untmp != undefined, "assertion falied."); // console : assertion failed.
console.assert(tmp != undefined, "assertion failed"); // console : nothing


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My issue was an error event that wasn't triggered,in a called subfunction.
I solved it by using a try catch


const module = require("app");

try {
}	catch (e) {
 	throw e; 


function Func() {
	klfhqirhgojgre() // this is undefined

module.exports = Func;


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