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GTAV needs Internet connction after blocks update


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Hey Guys. Today the new GTAV Update was released. So i need to block the update to play with RAGEMP. I have the Social Club Version so i blocked the update with the Firewall. It works. Now comes the Problem. After i start the game then the game says that the rockstar server arent avaible. So i need to start in offline mode. Then it comes the Error, That i need an internet connection to register GTA V. I´m not a new player so normally i can play. It comes just when i block the update.

I tried:

Reinstall RAGE MP

Reinstall GTA V

Do the Update to the half then block it

Remove all datas from today

Clean Internet Cache



On my Server the most player who plays with the Social Club Version so not with the Steam Version have the same Problem. Does somebody have an fix for this ?


Sorry for my english :) When anybody is german he can answer in german too.

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vor 3 Minuten schrieb Business:

this comes from rage.mp launcher, altv fivem and normal offlinemode works fine but only on ragemp client we need a activation, seems ragemp has a wrong connection method

So SC users have to wait? Or does anyone have a workaround?

I tried using a backuped version, same error.

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