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  1. 1. What would you choose from the following?

    • Xbox One
    • PlayStation 4
    • Computer with Gtx 1020
    • IPhone 7+ or normal one
    • Samsung S7 + the Gear
    • Google Pixel XL

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Hello Again Members!

I wanted to share my thoughts with you, so i made this topic for some fun and see people's opinion about the upcoming thing.

"If you were offered the Following by someone. What would you choose?"

The Guy offers you:

1) PS4

2) Xbox One

3) PC with Gtx 1020

4) IPhone 7

5) Samsung S7 + the Gear.

6) Google Pixel XL

For me. I would choose a Iphone 7 though. Because i feel like a phone would be important for me. Portable and has all my information. I can access anything fast by the IPhone and if there is a Emergency i can call anyone fast.

*Poll was created for Voting.

*Post what did you vote and why :) 

What about you?

Share with us your Thoughts Without a fear!

Good day Gentlemen

Edited by Captien
Added Google Pixel XL :D

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2 minutes ago, alex_r said:

Oh I have already voted :((

if you would've waited a couple of minutes, you would get what you want, but sadly :D 

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Hehe why not GTX 1080.

but Samsungs VR would be amazing too.

Already tested out and you can watch movies inside a VR Cinema :o 

@Voxel you only have one choice :P


Edited by Vouniqs

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11 minutes ago, Hackhers said:

Well I voted for "IPhone 7+ or normal one"

It's funny, I just made this desition 3 days ago and bought iPhone 7 :)

I also need new phone. Are experiencing an battery problems, since the new update? Because

some user reporting battery issues with the consumption time.

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