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What is your skills in anything in your Life


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Hello Gentlemen.

Created this topic today to know about the Community more. I wanted to know about everyone's skill in his life if it's on computer or arts or games. Anything you have a talent in it. Knowing more about each other makes a clean/great community that is lovely.

Well I have more than one skill in my life, but not very skilled in them though, therefore I'm trying to master them well.

First skill is that i love designing websites and coding. Like HTML5, CSS, and some simple java.
I was creating a simple homepage for RageMP as i saw it hadn't any Homepages explaining RageMP, but someone from the team told me it is under development.

But I will complete the page till the end to practice and master those languages well :) .

here is a small Preview of what i started to do.


About my Other skill is to watch movie and try to analyze what is the characteristic of the character and what he is willing to do before he does the action. I find this something interesting and kills time when you are in summer and got NOTHING to do :D .


What about you?

Share you Thoughts without a fear!

Good day People! :)  

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I have skills with photoshop even if I haven't touched it since 2-3 years, yeah now I'm more busy with coding! So to sum it up I made programs with C, C++, C#, Java, JS and I used a looooooot, SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL (yeah, this not, actually not a lot ;B)

Like all of you I'm a player, so I love games like CSGO, GTA, Overwatch, but I also love other kind of games, like action platforms!

But sadly I lost my websites where I had my graphics creation :( So I can't share them with you.

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My first skill in reallife is that im clever in doing stuff that i really want. The second skill for me is organization. After that i can read nearly all scripting languages and some assembler as well. I can write pawn, html, some c++ and some javascript. And i can use photoshop as well.

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